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2019 Rules

NOTE:  For a printable version (Adobe PDF) of these rules, click here.

  1. Entrants must register at Rod 'N' Reel Dock by 8:00 PM on Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 (phone 301-855-8450) or write Rod 'N' Reel, Box 99, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732 or at . Last minute entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Rules Committee.

 2. 2019 Entry Fees: Private Boat OR Charter Boat (or any boat with a licensed guide aboard) will be $125.00 for single day, $250.00 for two days and $325.00 for three days. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - Sign-Up for the PRO-AM before April 4th, 2018 and receive $25.00 off your entry fee. To take advantage of this special, payment must be made before 6PM on April 4th, 2019, either in person or online.

 3. To be eligible for door prize drawings, entries must be received no later than 5:30 PM on May 2nd, 2019 and entrants must be registered to fish for a minimum of 2 days. Both parts of your boat number must be present to win. Please bring to the Captains' and Reading of the Rules meeting on May 2nd, 2019. If the captain is unable to attend, he or she may select a crew member to carry your "door prize designated" boat number for placement in the door prize drawing container (small part). That person must be present and show large part of boat number to accept the door prize. WRIST BANDS - Each tournament entry will receive two wrist bands, these are to gain admittance to the Captains' Meeting and dinner. Should you require additional wrist bands, they can be purchased for $5 each at the Rod 'N' Reel Tackle Shop or at the door of the Captains' Meeting.

 4. Each boat will prominently display a placard (issued by the rules committee). This placard must be displayed at all times during the tournament.

 5. Tournament will be three days: Friday - May 3rd, Saturday - May 4th & Sunday - May 5th, 2019. Should a day be cancelled, all daily prizes associated with that day will be drawn from the Lucky Bucket. Participants shall monitor VHF channel 72, CB channel 1, or call 800-233-2080 to determine cancellations.
 6. Any boat may be boarded by tournament representatives for a thorough inspection of fish boxes, bilges, containers and compartments at any time.

 7. At no time after the start of the tournament is any boat permitted to approach another boat, structure or land. Verified emergencies may be excused from this rule. A charter boat may exchange fishing parties as long as the captain gets approval by tournament officials at Anchor Yacht Basin, Calvert Marina or Rod 'N' Reel Marina. Otherwise, if this rule is broken, the entrant will be disqualified and the entry forfeited. Boats wishing to register fish can come to the main fuel pier only at designated weigh-in sites to register their fish at any time during the hours of the tournament and may go back into the bay; however, only the captain or mate may leave the boat and return to go back out.

 8. WEIGH STATIONS: Weigh Stations are Anchor Yacht Basin (Edgewater), Calvert Marina (Solomons Island) and Rod 'N' Reel (Chesapeake Beach). Recorded weights at the time of measurement are final. Fish must be weighed in by 4:30 PM SHARP each day! If you are standing in line, your fish will be weighed. If you are approaching the fuel pier and not in line, your fish will not be weighed. You are only allowed to check in 2 rockfish per boat per day.

 9. No lines in the water before 6:00 AM each day.

10. Boundaries: Maryland waters of the Chesapeake Bay (no tributaries).  Boundaries are subject to enforcement by committee boats, aerial surveillance and fellow participants. Out of bounds will result in disqualification without refund.

11. All fish entered in this tournament must be caught by hook & line.

12. Upon return to port, each boat must go to the weigh station first, verified emergencies may be excused from this rule.

13. All fish entered will be subject to such examination, externally and internally, as the judges deem necessary. Judges reserve the right to delay any award should the fish go to a laboratory for extensive testing to determine the legality of the fish. In case of fraud, the entrant will be subject to prosecution. All persons on any boat registering a fish will be subject to a lie detector test if the judges deem necessary or protest is filed. All protests shall be made in writing to the judges no later than one hour after the last fish has been weighed. Challenges shall not be considered without a proper protest being filed. Any fish entered in the tournament is subject to disqualification if the judges decide it bears suspicious marks or characteristics. All decisions by the judges are final.

14. A GUARANTEED GRAND PRIZE of $10,000 for the heaviest rockfish of the tournament. Rockfish must be caught with a rod and reel.
15. A BONUS of $1,000 will be paid to a private boat for a single largest fish by weight per day. (One prize per fish allowed.) All winners will be at the discretion of the Rules Committee.

16. An individual fish may win only one prize by weight per day. In the event a prize is unclaimed, a winner will be drawn from the “LUCKY BUCKET”. One day entrants have one chance at prizes, two day entrants have two chances at prizes and three day entrants have three chances at prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be drawn from the Lucky Bucket. All prizes and “LUCKY BUCKET” drawings will be awarded at the conclusion of the tournament. In case of ties in weight, the earliest entry will be declared the winner.

17. Children's Category is for children age 12 and under. Top Lady Angler is for age 13 and over. Alltackle Bonus Prizes awarded for Lady Angler Category 2nd thru 5th place and Children's Category 4th thru 10th place.

18. All communications between judges and fishermen will be monitored on CB Channel 1 and VHF Channel 72. There will be a fish report on these channels on the hour, every hour. Please be courteous at these times so everyone may hear these reports.

19. Entry fee must accompany application. Make checks payable to Rod 'N' Reel Captains' Association. It is your responsibility to have your fish weighed at the official weigh-in stations - Anchor Yacht Basin (Edgewater), Calvert Marina (Solomons Island) and Rod 'N' Reel (Chesapeake Beach).

20. As participants in this year's PRO-AM Sportfishing Tournament sponsored by the Rod 'N' Reel Captains' Association, Inc. to be held in Chesapeake Beach, knowing the risks and dangers involved in such activities and any unanticipated dangers that may develop, you agree to hold harmless and discharge the sponsor, namely the Rod 'N' Reel Captains' Association Inc., the Rod 'N' Reel, Inc., Alltackle, B.M.C/Clower Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., Bozick Distributors, Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa, Gallagher Charter Lakes Marine Insurance, JC Graphics & Typesetting, PropTalk Magazine, Rod 'N' Reel Resort, Rudow's FishTalk Magazine, The Fuel Ox, The Gott Company, and WRNR 103.1FM, their assigns, lessees, agents, employees and directors, from any and all damages, demands, actions, cost and / or expenses by or on behalf arising out of personal injury, property damage and or accidents incurred by participants engaged in the Rod 'N' Reel PRO-AM Sportfishing Tournament.

21. Our entrants are strongly encouraged to release all fish not eligible for the tournament or which they do not want for personal consumption. Please help conserve our precious resource.

22. By registering to participate in the tournament, all persons consent to the use without payment or restrictions, of any photographs and his or her name in which the captain, crew and/or boat appear for any purposes whatsoever.

23. Drawings for all door prizes will be held at the Captains' Meeting and “Reading of the Rules” on Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the banquet room in the Rod 'N' Reel Restaurant. See Rule #3 for eligibility for door prizes.

24. Tournament Within Tournament: - Prize money increases and decreases proportionately to the number of boats entered. To be eligible, boats must be entered in the Main Tournament and abide by all Tournament Rules. Winners are determined by the heaviest rockfish (by weight), during the Main Tournament by those entering the Tournament Within Tournament. Twenty five percent (25%) of the proceeds will go towards RNRCA activities. Participation in the Tournament Within Tournament is optional. Entrants in the Tournament Within Tournament may participate in any one or multiple levels.

25. Wounded Warrior Prize: - $1,000 awarded for heaviest rockfish weighed-in during the entire PRO-AM Tournament by a Qualified Wounded Warrior - that did not win money for all 3 days or the grand prize. Must be registered for 3 days of fishing in the PRO-AM. Open to private and charter boats.

26. NEW FOR 2019: SPECIAL CHARTER BOAT DRAWING - A Siren Marine MTC+2 Wireless Monitoring & Security System including a 1 year subscription - will be given away. All charter boat entrants are eligible for this drawing. Drawing will be held on Facebook live at 6pm - May 5th, 2019.

Rockfish Prizes (by weight)



Friday Saturday Sunday


$1500  $1500  $1500 
 2.  $1200   $1200   $1200 
 3.  $1000  $1000 $1000
 4.  $800   $800   $800 
 5.  $600   $600   $600 
 6.  $400   $400   $400 

Private Boat Daily Bonus Prizes

 1.  $1000  $1000 $1000

Top Lady Angler


Top Lady Angler in Tournament will win $1000

Wounded Warrior Bonus Prize


Wounded Warrior - See Rule 25 will win $1000

Children's Category

 1. 1st in Children's Category will win $500
 2. 2nd in Children's Category will win $300
 3. 3rd in Children's Category will win $200 JC Graphics & Typesetting PropTalk Magazine WRNR 103.1FM Gallagher Charter Lakes Marine Insurance B.M.C / Clower Heating & Air Conditioning Bozick Distributors Inc. The Gott Company - Q-Dog and FASTOP The Fuel Ox Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa Rudow's FishTalk Magazine

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